Research Interests

portraitpic I am polymer biophysicist/chemical engineer. I currently work as a postdoc in the Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics Department at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden in the lab of Björn Högberg. Humans and nature alike have developed various ways to transmit information and perform computation using different material substrates and physical phenomena. My research interest is in the discovery of natural computing algorithms and the engineering of molecular computing systems to accomplish new or unconventional tasks useful for both research applications and medical diagnostics. The techniques I use include next-gen sequencing, stochastic simulation, and DNA nanotechnology.

DNA Barcode Generator

Generate a set of molecular barcode sequences with optimized Hamming distance between them by entering an a barcode length and number below. Algorithm works by scoring the Hamming matrix of a given set, penalizing short distances, and simulated annealing for stochastic minimization of the score.