Microscopic Imaging with DNA Instead of Light

For over three hundred years, scientists have been using lenses and light optics to look at microscopic objects like cells. Polony adjacency reconstruction is a new method for how images can be generated using snippets of DNA instead of traditional optics. The method relies on the information storing capacity of DNA, which can be harnessed to transmit spatial data like the positions of molecules on the surface of a cell or transcripts of mRNA. Our work is described in the journal PNAS. This work was led by myself in the lab of Björn Högberg at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden and in collaboration with computer scientist Pekka Orponen from Aalto University, Finland. portraitpic

DNA Barcode Generator

Generate a set of molecular barcode sequences with optimized Hamming distance between them by entering an a barcode length and number below. Algorithm works by scoring the Hamming matrix of a given set, penalizing short distances, and simulated annealing for stochastic minimization of the score.